Integrating Yoga with Dance

Photos: Soul of Photography
Through the deeper awareness yoga brings to the body, we can become more attuned to our needs in dance. Too often, we push past what is safe and reasonable; but with the intelligence we gain in yoga, we can adjust and heal. By integrating yoga asana, breath work and meditation into our daily lives, we can regain a balance in body, mind, and spirit so we may flourish in the face of our profession's struggles. 


My focus is on those with injuries from athletics or not, those who believe yoga is not for them, and those who want to be taken even further in their practice. There is a place for yoga in everyone, for everyone can benefit from a unified body, mind, and spirit. 

 Chair Yoga

Visit my chair yoga page to find sequences and fun variations that I have experimented with! My belief that yoga is for everyone and dealing with injuries as a ballet dancer have led me to this wonderful discovery. 


Visit my blog page to read articles that I have posted about anatomy, breath, poses, and more. Really dive deeper into the different aspects of yoga and use what you learn to deepen your own practice!